KBA-NotaSys SA i-con

Security Printing Equipment

Security documents such as identity papers, tax labels, postage and fiscal stamps are often printed in commercial offset without any particular printed security features present.

The addition of intaglio print to these documents significantly enhances their security value and aesthetic impact at an extremely low cost per unit when compared with alternative security devices.

We have developed a family of multi-colour intaglio printing machines, both sheet- and web-fed, for high security printers wishing to introduce intaglio to their products.

For example, the i-con machine was developed to print tax labels, using a web system. The i-con is particularly well adapted to meet the needs of high security printers thanks to its rapid make-ready time and high degree of flexibility. It is compatible with a wide range of substrates ranging from thin papers to complex adhesive labels.

In order to meet demand in design, origination and plate-making for i-con clients, a special and dedicated fast delivery service has been put in place.

In order to avoid dissemination of this sensitive technology, intaglio printing machines and services are exclusively available to security printers meeting specific criteria.

KBA-NotaSys SA I-con