KBA-NotaSys SA Services

Our Services

Technology & Service as an Art – This is the fundamental building block of our company’s identity and reputation.

Ever since our company was founded we have recognised the importance of supporting our clients not only with technology but also with the necessary skills and services to reach their highly specific objectives.

At KBA-NotaSys there are more people involved in service activities than in any other part of our business.

  • After-sales
    Our specialised after-sales teams, operating from our headquarters in Lausanne and our production facilities in Mödling, ensure that all after-sales service issues are taken care of promptly and efficiently. Request for help and support are analysed by the people who developed, built, assembled and initiated the operation of the related systems and equipment giving them in-depth knowledge of each system and the location in which it is installed. We recognise that in any production environment time is money. Our rapid response and problem solving teams are on call to ensure that our clients’ factories run in an optimal way as required.
  • Training
    We offer a diverse range of training services either on site or at our Centre of Expertise in Lausanne, which houses a complete production line and a state of the art Pre-Press Department. In this unique facility, our clients can ensure that their staff will receive training even before delivery of the system they have purchased, thus speeding up the production start-up phase significantly.
  • Forensic Analysis
    We operate a forensic analysis laboratory enabling central banks and law enforcement agencies to evaluate counterfeit banknotes, or to test the resistance to counterfeiting of genuine notes. The laboratory is staffed with highly skilled specialists and the very latest digital and mechanical reproduction devices.
  • Production trials
    Our Centre of Expertise in Lausanne is equipped with all the necessary equipment to enable our clients to test new designs and materials such as inks, substrates, films or any other innovative process without disrupting their production plans. The security infrastructure of our facilitiy meets the most demanding requirements in terms of security and confidentiality.
  • Origination and Plate production
    We offer a comprehensive plate production service for our clients who do not have their own Pre-Press Departments. Clients who use this service are free to focus their attention exclusively on their printing activity. Our offer includes all printing plate types required for security printing such as intaglio, offset (wet & dry) and screen.
  • Circulation trials & Durability tests
    Our laboratory is equipped to perform durability and resistance tests of security documents in circulation. All our tests meet internationally accepted standards.
  • Printwork Services
    This highly individualized service has been offered for more than 40 years to clients who want to make sure that they operate their printing plants in the most efficient way. The services offered include feasibility studies, factory and work-flow improvements up to print work management and even including recruitment of staff.