To continue to lead from the front, we invest significantly in our staff because they are our biggest asset. Wherever our customers are in the world, our teams of high security printing experts are always ready to help.

  • KBA-NotaSys has been at the forefront of high security printing for over 60 years
  • Our staff have, on average, 15 years’ experience in high security printing
  • 19 print instructors travel the world dealing with interventions and providing essential training
  • Over 200 fitters worldwide install systems and ensure everything runs efficiently
  • Staff directly involved in maintenance and training enjoy over 20 years of experience

When customers work with KBA-NotaSys they will find people passionate about making a difference and committed to delivering the benefits they seek long into the future.



We are committed to developing a partnership that seeks to make things as easy as possible. That means understanding customers’ specific needs and providing Smart Solutions that address them.

Focusing on customers’ needs means having the right people in place to train their workforce. It means harnessing our expertise to respond quickly and effectively when issues arise. And it means finding ways to help improve security, enhance productivity, and minimise costs.

The Future


The rapid growth of alternate payment systems has led some commentators to suggest that we are approaching a cashless society. We know the opposite is true.

Research shows that the value of notes in global circulation has actually been increasing. The overall picture is clear: cash is here to stay.


The demands for ever-more sophisticated security, aesthetics, increased durability and production efficiency continue to dominate banknote and security document production.

At KBA-NotaSys, we aim to be a leading light in meeting these challenges, helping Central Banks and the global security printing community with solutions that meet their needs.